Identification, traceability along with data quantity to be transferred have been more and more pressing than ever.
The self-adhesive labels, to be sticked on the most various products, react to these needs.
Because of today’s materials and adhesives, our labels can be used in the most critical applications while preserving a remarkable data printing quality.
We produce white, transparent or metallic labes made of ultra-destructible/anti-falsification polyester, polyethylene (Tyvec), polyimide (Kapton) as well as in polythene, polypropylene, acrylate resins for laser engraving and white, coloured radiant and metallic paper.
Our labels can be printed up to seven colours, or neutral, totally or partially coated with adhesive and/or plasticized (Polycarbonate plasticization, too).
Packaging is in rolls, in sheets or single, pre-folded and/or in customized continuous forms.
Ribbons for the thermal transfer printing are also available.

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